Fredericia, International, Denmark
Judge: Michael Forte, IE

Best Dog
1 CH Duke-Camillo Vom Belker-Bad CC/CAC CACIB BOS
2 CH Hopla Big Foot Bobo R-CACIB
3 Goforit Check Mate R-CC/CAC
4 Allaflox Camber Of Culdi

Best Bitch
1 CH Goforit Christina Aguilera CC/CAC CACIB BOB
2 Mother’s Finest Yeah! – A Summer Jam R-CC/CAC R-CACIB
3 CH Goforit Britney Spears
4 CH Gaelic-Wheaten’s No Matter What

BOB Pup 6-9 Gaelic-Wheaten’s Roisin Of Eire


BOS CH Duke-Camillo Vom Belker-Bad and BOB CH Goforit Christina Aguilera


Dogs - Pups 6-9 (0)


Bitches - Pups 6-9 (3)
1. Gaelic-Wheaten’s Roisin Of Eire VP?
2. Hopla Jawa
3. Joyful Wheatens Bebhinn

Dogs - Junior (0)

Dogs - Intermediate (1)
1. House Of Softy Logan, EXC


Dogs - Open (3)
1. Goforit Check Mate, EXC CK
2. Allaflox Camber Of Culdi, EXC CK
3. Gaelic-Wheaten’s Pipes And Drums, EXC

Dogs - Champion (2)
1. CH Duke-Camillo Vom Belker-Bad, EXC CK
2. CH Hopla Big Foot Bobo, EXC CK

Dogs - Veteran (0)

Bitches - Junior (2)
1. Lakkas Jamba, EXC
2. Joans Wheaten Bianca, EXC

Bitches - Intermediate (3)
1. Softstar’s Guanaja, EXC
2?. Keara Of Queen Stars, VG
3?. House Of Softy Luna, VG


Bitches - Open (7)
1. Mother’s Finest Yeah! – A Summer Jam, EXC CK
2. Wheaten My Love Viva Wheat, EXC CK
3. Joyful Wheatens Aidan, EXC
4. Wheaten My Love Roseanna, EXC

Allaflox Bronwyn De Morgan, EXC
Tejarpsdalens Klio, EXC
Goforit Evita Peron, VG

Bitches - Champion (4)
1. CH Goforit Christina Aguilera, EXC CK
2. CH Goforit Britney Spears, EXC CK
3. CH Gaelic-Wheaten’s No Matter What, EXC CK
4. CH Gaelic-Wheaten’s Penny In My Pocket, EXC

Bitches - Veteran (0)


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Results are sent in by Hilde Nybom.
Photo by Tino